Property Portals

Propertymode has extensive experience in large property website systems and CRM workflow software for real estate clients since 1998.

These portal websites are provided to franchise groups, data valuation companies, independent real estate agent groups, newspaper publishers and digital media providers.

Propertymode has worked extensively with Fairfax and, PBL and Microsoft with national property portal and The Real Estate Institue of Victoria with and

In franchise groups, Propertymode has provided extensive state wide portals for ” The Professionals” in Queensland and South Australia.

Starr Partners in NSW was another group using our full website and CRM systems.


Other sites built and developed by Propertymode include and,, and hundreds of other individual real estate office websites.

In conclusion, wether its managing XML data import – export, CRM systems, property mobile websites or virtual display screens or email alerts, Propertymode has deep practical experience in producing enterprise class solutions. Please contact us for more details on anything you require. We are available for consulting work and project management as well as development work.